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CHS Members who have passed On

Please remember the families of Hendersons who have passed on.

Orval Henderson.      Died March 2019 at 88 years of Age.  Spouse isMartha Henderson           Central Region

SFC Ian Mitchel Carter  DiedJuly 5, 2020 at 54 years of

   Age Spouse is Robin Carter                SE  Region 

William Allen Henderson Died July 25, 2020.                                  Son is Bill Henderson Jr.          Springfield, Pa.

Ronald Kendrick Died Jan 11, 2021                                                                                                                         SE Region


Donald Kendrick Died Aug 2020.                                                       Twin to Ronald Kendrick                    SE Region

Nancy Chilton Henderson Passed Dec. 26, 2020.    SW Region

    Wife of Jefferson Henderson. Laguna Vista Tx.

Linda Henderson    Jan 2021                                                                    Wife of Larry Henderson                  SE Region


Horrace Loftin, Past President, Founder & Genealogist Jan               23, 2021  Rex Loftin is son                   SE Region

Terrance Howard Henderson Passed April 6, 2021                  

Brother to Charm, LaRhee,Stan, Shirley &Charlotte                                                                                        Central Region

Paul E  Dunlap Sep. 25, 2020                                                          Husband of Pauletta Dunlap


 Robert Michael Shimp   May 16, 2021                                            Grandson of Robert &Suzanne Shimp.            SE


Nancy Chilton Henderson Dec. 26, 2020                                          Wife of Jefferson S. Henderson II                  SW


David W. Henderson Sep. 27, 2020                                                 Husband of Eleanor Henderson


Joseph R. Henderson Died Aug. 19, 2021                                        Husband of Joyce L. Henderson                       SW


Thomas Best Gibso  Henderson 19 Sep 1951-Dec 2021                    Husband of Cheryl, father of Taylor Ferranti

     and Cassie Smith   


Carol HendersonThompson 1946- Dec. 23, 2021                                         Member Since 2015                         


  Don Leslie. Oct. 2021                                                                           Husband of Marian Leslie                                   SE

      Past Chieftain of Clan Leslie

Claude Henderson


Carol Henderson Thompson.jpg
CHS Claude Henderson family.jpeg

Front row, right, is Ann Henderson, wife of Claude Henderson who was our first High Commissioner of North America. Behind her, to the right is her daughter Renee Henderson Ellis , and the graduate is her daughter Melanie Lawson and her two children. Four generations of Henderson's, and a great Clan Henderson Society legacy. It is a great honor and privilege to know them, and to have known Claude.

CHS Steven Henderson, Jacksonville, Fl.jpeg

Steven Paul Henderson Sr.
Sept. 16 1952 - June 27, 2022
Proud member of Clan Henderson Society for several years and convened at several festivals. He was killed in a car accident.

CHS Tom Henderson Passing Away.jpeg

Tom Henderson sadly passed away on Aug 14th 2022. He was the Fire Warden for Delaney's Creek District at Qid Government in Brisbane Australia.

Dr. Alton Leonard Wilson, Jr. of Haleyville Alabama .  born Jan 8, 1954 and passed May 24, 2022.

Woodrow Allen "Woody" Williams , 78, of Huntsville, Alabama passed away Feb. 15, 2022.

Mrs. Henry N. McCarl of Gloucester, MA lost his wife, Mary R. McCarl in June 2021. Our deep sympathies to her husband Henry. "My wife Mary Rhinelander McCarl passed away on June 7, 2021 from congestive heart failure. We were active in events of the Clan Henderson Society for many years before retiring to Gloucester, MA.  Mary was well appreciated for her assistance with genealogy as well as extensive research on the history of Gloucester, MA where she spent many summers in her youth and for the last 20 years in retirement.  Henry (Hank) McCarl "

Cindy Henderson, wife of Tov Henderson passed away Friday, Sept. 2, 2002.

Susan Keipp a member of CHS for many years passed away February 1, 2023.  We will miss her.

Robert H. Henderson of Loveland, CO. passed away in January 2023.  He served as Commissioner of the SE Region from 9/1990 to 9/2001. He was the 36th member of the Clan Henderson Society. You can express condolences to his niece, Martha Henderson, at:

Richard Goodwin passed away on March 30, 2023, suddenly of a heart attack.  He is survived by his wife Linda Goodwin.

Robert Henderson, previous commissioner of the SW region for 10 years passed away on Jan. 3, 2023.  His wife, Mary passed on Oct 19, 2019, and his only daughter died on Dec. 2, 2022.  


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