CHS Members who have passed On

Please remember the families of Hendersons who have passed on.

Orval Henderson.      Died March 2019 at 88 years of Age.  Spouse isMartha Henderson           Central Region

SFC Ian Mitchel Carter  DiedJuly 5, 2020 at 54 years of Age. Spouse is Robin Carter                SE  Region 

William Allen Henderson Died July 25, 2020.                                  Son is Bill Henderson Jr.          Springfield, Pa.

Ronald Kendrick Died Jan 11, 2021                                                                                                                         SE Region

Donald Kendrick Died Aug 2020.                                                       Twin to Ronald Kendrick                    SE Region

Linda Henderson    Jan 2021                                                                    Wife of Larry Henderson                  SE Region

Horrace Loftin, Past President, Founder & Genealogist Jan 23, 2021  Rex Loftin is son                   SE Region

Terry Howard Henderson Passed April 6, 2021.                                 Brother to Charm, LaRhee,            Central Region

                                                                                                                                and Stan Henderson 




Nancy Chilton Henderson Passed Dec. 26, 2020. Wife of Jefferson Henderson. Laguna Vista Tx.