Order of MacEanruig

At the Oct 2020 CHS AGM (held virtually) the Executive Board submitted and membership approved approved Resolution #2020-4 AWARDS that, in part, established  "The Order of MacEanruig". On Dec 6 2020 the CHS President signed the Resolution into effect. The words of the Resolution pertaining to this new Order read:


The Order of MacEanruig



Award.   This is an exclusive award to Society members who have had such a positive impact on the Society through sustained contributions and leadership that they are deserving of membership in the Order of MacEanruig.   Holders of the Chief’s Prize are automatically members of the Order of MacEanruig by reason of their having received the Chief’s Prize.  Other individuals may be awarded membership by approval of a majority of the members of the Order.


Candidates must be an active member of the Clan Henderson Society at the time of appointment. Honorary members of the Clan Henderson Society are not eligible for membership in the Order.  Posthumous awards may be made, provided the member was in active status in the Society at the time of death.


The total number of members in the Order is limited to a number of ACTIVE members equal to the number of years (commencing in 1988) the Clan Henderson Society has been organized.  Therefore, the number of members will expand in size by no more than one awardee annually.  Editors note:  In 2021 that number cannot exceed Badge #39


The President of the Clan Henderson Society will announce the names of awardees at the next Annual General Meeting of the Clan Henderson Society after the approval of the candidate awardee as a member of the MacEanruig Society.


Recognition.  Awardees of membership in the MacEanruig Society are authorized to wear an identification badge, round, 2” in diameter, displaying components of the Clan Henderson crest.  The badge will be sequentially numbered for each awardee.  It is worn on the left pocket or a similar area.


Current members of the Order are:


Janiel Henderson, Knoxville, MD, Badge#002

Pat Maddox, deceased, Badge #003

Ann Henderson, Newport, NC, Badge #004

Ann Fletcher, deceased, Badge #005

Russell Henderson, deceased, Badge #006

Christi A. Heston, Wellington, CO, Badge #007

Harry J. Keifer, Lilburn, GA, Badge#008

Dr. Horace Loftin, deceased, Badge #009

Rex Maddox, deceased, Badge #010

Mike Henderson, Annapolis, MD, Badge #011

Mary Louis Nixon, deceased, Badge #012

Laura Henderson, Linden, VA, Badge #013

Loulie Henderson, New Bern, NC, Badge #014

Lori Henderson, Valley Falls, KS, Badge #015

Margaret "Peggy" Sandford, Statesville, NC, Badge #016

Mark Henderson, Waynesboro, VA, Badge #017

Carol Martin, Clarksburg, MA, Badge #018

Beth Gay-Freeman, Clarksville, GA, Badge #019

J. Steven Henderson, Waynesboro, PA, Badge #020

Joseph Henderson, Long Beach, CA, Badge #021

David S. Henderson, Badge #022

George Henderson, Badge #023

Doug Henderson, Badge #024

Kari Henderson, Badge #025

Dottie Henderson, Badge #026

Ann Hicks, Badge #027

Leon Hicks, Badge #028

2021 Chief Prize Awardee, name TBA, Badge #029