AGM 2020 will be in Branson this May 1-3

Events and Announcements

2020 Spring Gathering Hosted by the Central Region Clan Henderson Society

Celebrating and Remembering our Scottish Roots

May 1-3, 2020 at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Mo.

Registration Fee:  Early (by March)=$125; or $150 March 2-May 2: Included Saturday's Meeting, Lunch, Dinner, and Ceilidh

Go to our website for details:


David R. Henderson is now our High Commander & Chieftan

Three of the founders of Clan Henderson Society are pictured:  Claude A. Henderson, Beth Gay-Freeman and Horace Lofton.  Claude Henderson served as the First High Commissioner for North America.  He was devoted to the youth of our Society and worked tirelessly for the advancement of Highland Dance and Music.  A Memorial Fund was established years ago to honor his service to CHS.  That fund was used for various activities; however, it is now depleted.  CHS leadership seeks to reestablish the Claude A. Henderson Memorial Fund for use by the clan.

You are invited to donate a small tax-deductible amount - $10.00, $20.00, $50.00 or $100.00 - to help renew the Claude A. Henderson Memorial Fund.  The funds will be used within the clan as needed; however, the primary emphasis is upon providing scholarships/grants to deserving youths engaged in Celtic Performing Arts such as dance, music or visual arts.

Another fund that needs your tax-deductible donation is the CHS Chief’s Fund.  It is dedicated to providing Academic Scholarships supporting Athletics Performance and assisting Performing Groups. Your contribution will be used by CHS: to provide money to deserving applicants/groups who, in the past, have gone unfunded; to assist scholarship winners to defray the increased costs of education; and, to support multi-year educational opportunities for these scholarship winners.

Please note that Clan Henderson Society has a Corporate Sponsorship Program where levels of support from business organizations range from $250.00 through $500.00 and $1,000.00 up to $2,500.00.  We appreciate the business and corporate entities that are able to provide large donations; we also believe smaller donations from individuals are a part of the CHS effort to enhance our ability to provide scholarships/grants to deserving individuals and groups.

Please make checks payable to:  
     Carol Martin, CHS Treasurer
     Attn:  Scholarships/Grants
     96 Cross Road
     Clarksburg, Ma 01267

THANK YOU also to those who had pledged to support my hiking initiative.  A total of 22 people made pledges or donations, of which 10 were CHS members.  If everyone who pledged also pays (invoices have been sent) the hiking initiative will raise $3,344.88. 


THANK YOU to those people who made donations to our scholarship program on Tuesday.  We raised $2,075.00 and Facebook will match up to 100% of that.  You can see who donated here:




Special thanks to those CHS leaders  and members, whose support helped set the tone for these scholarship fund-raising inititatives:


Charm & Louis Russell

Dwight Henderson

Mary Lane Henderson

Suzanne Henderson

J. Steve Henderson

Jeff Henderson

Mike & Joan Henderson

Wm S. Henderson

Curtis P. Henderson

Douglas & Kathleen Henderson

Shirley Sue Stiffler


Next year, I intend to repeat my hiking initiative pledge (body willing) and hope even more CHS members will contribute.


Again, thanks to all for your support of this vital peice of CHS mission.


Yours aye,