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CHS Youth Scholarship Goals


* The Clan Henderson Society wants to encourage its youth to value and preserve Scottish heritage by learning the traditional Celtic Arts, engaging in HighlandSports, and studying Celtic Culture.

* The Society desires that its scholarship applicants demonstrate dedication, competence, and excellence in their fields as well as have the desire to share what they have learned with others.

* Recognizing there are costs involved in lessons, acquiring instruments and equipment, costumes/uniforms as well as competition fees and travel expenses, CHS wants to assist our member applicants and their families with these costs in

the form of an annual scholarship program.


General Information about the CHS Youth Scholarship Program

1- This year scholarships are a membership-only benefit. You, your parents, or your grandparents must be an active member of Clan Henderson.

2- Applications may be mailed or emailed. They can be handwritten. Parents may help younger children apply.

3- Applicants must be under the age of 26 on December 31 of the year they apply.

4- There is no minimum age, but the applicant must show evidence of dedication, talent, and progress appropriate to their age to win.

5- Applications may be submitted anytime between January 1 and April 1. Checks will be mailed to the awardees by June 10th.

6- Awards must be used in the calendar year of the award. Documentation that the award is used as intended must be supplied by September 1.

7- The amount of each scholarship is determined annually by the Youth Scholarship Committee based on the Clan Henderson Budget allotment.


Categories of Youth Scholarships


ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS are reserved for students in college, graduate school or other advanced studies who are majoring in Celtic Arts or Celtic studies. The applicant’s GPA must be at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent. High School students applying for college must have a B average or better.

CELTIC ARTS SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded to students who are studying Scottish traditional arts like bagpiping, drumming, highland dance, fiddling, Celtic harp, etc.

HIGHLAND SPORTS SCHOLARSHIPS are intended for older youth who are learning to participate in athletic events featured in the Highland Games like Caber Toss, Hammer Throw, Shot Put, Sheaf Toss, etc.




Attention: This year CHS Youth Scholarships are a member benefit exclusively. You, your parent, or your grandparent must be active members and not serve on the Clan Henderson Youth Scholarship Committee or on the Society’s Executive Committee. Also new is the deadline of April 1.

1- Name:

2- Address:

3- Email Address:

4- Age & birth date (including year):

5- Clan Henderson Society member information:

  a. Give the full name and address of your CHS family member.

  b. Explain the relationship: example- parent, grandparent.

  c. Supply the CHS membership number if you can.

6- Category of Scholarship applying for:

7- Arts and Sports Applicants- Involvement in your art or sport

  a. How long?

  b. Competitive level as of Jan 1 of the year applying.

    This date evens the competition so applicants who have

    opportunities to advance in the winter and early spring

   before April 1, do not have an advantage over applicants

   who live in regions that can’t hold games that early.

  c. List special teachers/ workshops/ schools you have attended

     to develop skills.

  d. What are your plans for the coming year?

8- Academic Applicants- Study plans

  a. List major and minor fields of study and explain why?

  b. Name the specific college or university you will attend and                     its address.

  c. Explain how this plan relates directly to Scottish or Celtic


  d. You must send a copy of your grades with your application

     and have a GPA of 3.0 or better.

  e. If you don’t have grades from your college or university yet,

     you must include a letter from them indicating your


9- Describe your involvement in Scottish organizations.

  a. Clan Henderson Society

  b. Other clans

  c. Scottish Games

  d. Scottish Societies & Events

10-Describe your involvement in community organizations where you helped others gain a greater appreciation of things Scottish.

     Examples: Your band played at a citywide event; you or your class demonstrated Highland Dance at a nursing home,                school, or library, etc.; you played your instrument at an event like a dinner, funeral, wedding, etc.

11-How do you plan to use the scholarship money if one is awarded to you?

12- You must agree to supply some kind of proof that you have used your award for its intended purpose. If you do, say “I agree to submit documentation by September 1, if I’m a winner.”

     This documentation (required by the IRS) must be returned to us by September 1st. Examples: Being sure to black out any identifying numbers, send us a copy of one of the following: check, credit card bill, invoice marked paid, store receipt, tuition statement, etc. We will send a reminder with your award and information on where to send this documentation. Save those receipts!

13- Submit a photo of yourself engaged in your art or sport. May we have permission to publish it in An Cannach (the Clan              Henderson Society newsletter) if you are a winner? Yes or No.

To submit your application

1. Send one copy to Suzanne Emerson, CHS VP Member,

    145 Lynton Avenue, San Carlos, CA 94070.

2. Send another copy to your Regional Commissioner. To find out

    who that is click here. 

3. Questions about the scholarship program should be addressed to Mary Henderson, Youth Scholarship Coordinator, 19 Buchanan Court, Fredericksburg, VA 22406; 757-371-1175,

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