These guidelines and application forms are under revision for 2023.  Please check back in December 2022 for the updated information.  The new application period will be from January 1 through April 30, 2023.


1)      Information can be mailed or emailed.  It can be handwritten.   Parents can help younger children.


2)      You must be under age 26 in the year you apply.


3)      Applications may be submitted at any time between Jan 1 and May 31.


4)      The CHS Youth Scholarship Committee will select the awardees by July 15 each year. Successful applicants will be notified and receive checks in early August.


5)      The amount of each scholarship is determined annually by the Executive Committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) but historic amounts are indicated on the front page of this flyer for each category.


6)      You do not have to be a CHS member to apply for a scholarship.



7)      To submit an application, follow the instructions found on the Clan Henderson Society website ( under “Youth Scholarship Application”.  





ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded for college, graduate and other advanced studies.  Applicant’s GPA must be B or better.  Preference is for students who are majoring in Scottish or Celtic history and cultural arts or who are studying abroad in Celtic countries (Scotland, Ireland, Wales).   Also, for those in other areas of study who, with their families, have been active in Clan Henderson, the Highland Games or other organizations/events fostering knowledge and appreciation of Scottish culture or traditions.  Historically, these awards have been about $1000.


CELTIC ARTS scholarships are awarded to students who are studying Scottish traditional arts like bagpiping, Scottish folk or highland dance, drums, harp, etc. These awards have been historically about $200-$300.


HIGHLAND SPORTS Scholarships are awarded to youth who want to participate in athletics such as those featured at Highland Games like Caber Toss, Hammer Throw, Shot Put.  New this year, these will also likely be about $ 200-300.


If you have something else you’d like to have considered, please apply and make your case for its relationship to Scottish culture and the Clan Henderson Society Goals  

The Purposes and Goals of the Clan Henderson Society are focused in 7 key areas:

  • Culture:  Foster Scottish culture and activities
  • Games:  Promote Scottish Festivals and Games
  • Genealogy:  Assist in Genealogical research
  • Fellowship:  Foster fellowship and friendship 
  • History: Maintain and promote the history of the Scottish Clans
  • Awards:  Promote charitable and educational activities and maintain a scholarship program
  • "Gather the Clan":  as directed by our Chief, Alistair of Fordell, primarily by identifying members through the Society and its affiliates






❖    Name:

❖    Mailing address:

❖    Email address:

❖    Age on Dec 31, 2021 (must be under 26):

❖    Are you or a member of your family a member of the Clan Henderson Society?  If yes, what is their name and CHS member #:  

❖    Type of Scholarship applying for (choose one):


Academic      Celtic Arts     Highland Sports


❖    Describe your involvement in your Celtic art or Highland sport.  How long you have studied or practiced?  Mention any performances, games, competitions, classes, special teachers or workshops you may have attended to improve your performance levels.  


❖    You must supply a copy of your GPA if applying for an Academic Scholarship and describe how your field of study is related to the Clan Henderson Society goals here and/or explain your connection to and involvement in Scottish or Celtic related societies, games and organizations.


❖    Describe specifically what you want to use this award for.  What equipment or costume item is being purchased, what kind of special instruction (with name of instructor and address) or where the competition will take place and expenses related to it.  Academic applicants need to give the name and address of the school they plan to attend as well as the degree they are pursuing.  Awards can be used for books, tuition, travel to & from the school, etc.


❖    In one or two paragraphs, describe why this scholarship is important for you.  Include what you think it will allow you to do that might not be possible otherwise. 


❖    Affirm that you have read the goals of the Clan Henderson Society (found on hereand agree with them:  Yes/No


IMPORTANT:  You must attach a photo and/or video of yourself.  If you are in the arts or sports we’d like to see you with your instrument, band, in a sport competition or class, etc.  If applying for an academic scholarship you may send a selfie and add something that relates to you and your field of study.


If you have questions, you may contact Mary Henderson, CHS Youth Scholarship Coordinator at