2021 Youth Scholarship Recipients

Beret Dernback                                      Academic  $1000                                    

We have seen Beret grow over several years in Highland Dance. She has received United States, World and North American Championships. Now she’s attending Thurgood Marshall College majoring in Political Science/International Relationships with a 4.0 GPA. She lives in the South Pacific Region.


Brynn Brown                                          Highland Dance $300                               

Brynn has won many championships, recovered from a foot injury and is back in competition. Brynn and her family are Clan Henderson Society members and lives in the South East Region.


Aiden Henderson                                   Bagpiping $300                                                

Aiden is an accomplished youth piper. He trains and plays with the University of California Riverside pipe band. Aiden and his family are Clan Henderson Society members living in the South Pacific Region.


Audrey Trawick                                      Highland Dance $300                                 

Audrey enjoys studying her Scottish roots and appreciates learning Scottish history. She has won many Championships in Highland Dance. She lives in the Southeast Region.