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The spirit of Henderson fellowship is observed on certain key dates throughout the calendar year.


On anyone of these HOLIDAYS it is appropriate to make a toast to the Chief of the Clan and to wear the Henderson Tartan.

Robert Burns Day – January 25

Celebrated on or near the day Robert Burns Died.  Traditionally commemorated with a Burns Supper.  Learn more about a Burns Supper: 

Glencoe Massacre – February 13

Anniversary date when Captain Robert Campbell, leading a contingent of English troops, acted under Government orders, to kill all MacDonald’s under the age of 70.  In all, some 38 residents of the Glen were murdered and others died trying to escape.  Although history remembers the Massacre  for it’s impact on the MacDonald Clan, 58% of those murdered were Henderson’s.  The Henderson’s, at the time, were bound to the Chief, and were the MacDonald Clan’s pipers and bodyguard.

National Tartan Day – April 6

Americans of Scottish and Irish descent have played a  large role in America’s destiny.  From the framers of the Declaration of Independence to the first man on the moon, Scottish-Americans have contributed mightily to the fields of the arts, science, politics, law, and more.  On this day, also the Anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, in 1320 A.D., Scots and Irish accomplishments are honored.

Clan Day – June 25

This day is considered the official Birthday of the Clan Henderson Society.

Chief’s Birthday – July 8

In honor of the Chief of the Name and Arms of Henderson, Alistair D. Henderson of Fordell.

Branch Day – July 10

A day to celebrate and honor the various branches of the Clan Henderson: Shetlands/Liddesdale, Caithness, Glencoe, Fordell and Ulster.

St. Andrews Day – November 30

St Andrew’s Day is the feast day of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland.  It is also Scotland’s national day and is an official bank holiday.

Christmas – December 25

A day to celebrate the Christian values and heritage of the Clan Henderson

Patriarch Day

(formerly Head of the Family day)

Celebrated on the birthday of the Head (oldest living MacEanruig decedent) of YOUR Family.  A toast is appropriate to the health of your honored relative and to our Chief.

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