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Henderson Surname Variations

Interesting take on Henderson surnames history:

The Surnames of Scotland by George F. Black, page 353

The popular standard genealogical reference work describing the fascinating story of Scottish names throughout history. Published by The New York Public Library, 1946.

(also available on Amazon)


  1. Henderson was derived from Henryson

  2. Held lands in Liddesdale

  3. Fordell Hendersons derived from Dumphriesshire Henrysons

  4. Caithness Hendersons branched off of Gunn Clan.  Were once MacHendrie

  5. Glencoe Hendersons derived from the Gaelic MacEanruig, Two versions suggest The descent from one Eanruig Mor Mac Righ Neachtan,"Big Henry, son of King Nectan, a pictish king of 700 AD.  OR They descencded from Dughall MacEanruig, from about 1300

  6. Surname Henry, etc: largely from Ayr and Fife

  7. Surname Henryson, etc- earliest found in Aberdeen 1300s

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