Is there Interest in a 2021 Trip to Scotland with Clan Henderson?

We are often asked: "when are we doing another tour of Scotland?"

Bottom Line: Right now, there is NOT a planned trip but there has been some discussion about a cruise/train in UK.

To gauge interest, you can make some assumptions:  

*Cost probably starting at $1,300 per person

*Estimate it would be a 5-8 day cruise

*Probably in Aug, Sept or May

if, repeat if, you might be seriously interested, please email your parties name(s) to:

Mark: hendo28@comcast.net 



Remember:  This is not a commitment but only a survey!

Spring Gathering in Branson has been canceled for May.  We are moving the dates to October 31-November 1.  Please go to the website:


You will need to make new room reservations.  

The registration fee will be credited to you if you have already paid.  If not, you can register on the above website.

Read about the Scots settling in North Carolina.  Click on the button below: