Is there Interest in a 2021 Trip to Scotland with Clan Henderson?

We are often asked: "when are we doing another tour of Scotland?"

Bottom Line: Right now, there is NOT a planned trip but there has been some discussion about a cruise/train in UK.

To gauge interest, you can make some assumptions:  

*Cost probably starting at $1,300 per person

*Estimate it would be a 5-8 day cruise

*Probably in Aug, Sept or May

if, repeat if, you might be seriously interested, please email your parties name(s) to:

Mark: hendo28@comcast.net 



Remember:  This is not a commitment but only a survey!

Spring Gathering in Branson has been canceled.  Due to the rise in COVID cases, this event has been canceled. Please cancel your reservations.  We will arrange a Zoom meeting for the AGM.

Read about the Scots settling in North Carolina.  Click on the button below: