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Scotland's Forgotten Reformation

Scotland’s Forgotten Reformation

You’ve heard of the Scottish Reformation of 1560, but what was the Second Reformation? This video documents a powerful movement that would take the Church in Scotland to a more extensive reformation according to God’s Word.

Scotland's Forgotten Revival

What do you associate with the word revival?

Did you know that the time following the signing of the National Covenant in 1638, although it was a reformation, was also the greatest revival throughout the whole nation that Scotland has ever experienced? It went deeper, further and lasted longer than any other – over twenty years.  

The second part of the programme looks at the impact that revival had on the lives of individuals, congregations as well as the British Isles as a whole. Journey with us from Edinburgh through Ayrshire to London to discover how lives and communities were transformed.   What are the lessons we can learn today from seeing what God did in great power in the past?

Scotland's Forgotten Suffering
The twenty eight years that followed Charles II becoming king in 1660 were brutal for the Church in Scotland. Frequently and conveniently ignored, this was the period of Scotland’s Greatest Persecution. Heavy fines, imprisonment, torture and execution – being faithful to the biblical values of the Second Reformation was literally outlawed.

In a time of increasing hostility to Christian values, there are vital lessons for us today from this awful but heroic period. Travel with us to visit the locations were Scotland’s Christians suffered so much for Christ.

Scotland's Forgotten Foundations
This final part takes a more in-depth look at the legacy we have received from Scotland’s Forgotten History. It explores the various ways that the Westminster Assembly sought to reform the Church during a period of around five years after 1643. This period left a powerful legacy for us; four key foundations that both Christians and the Church need for the future.

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