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1. English Planted Towns in Ulster by Faik Koktemir 


by Faik Köktemir

2.  The Scots-Irish: Scottish Origins, Irish Experiences and American Dreams by Stephen Hammock

The Scots-Irish: Scottish Origins, Irish Experiences, and American Dreams

by Stephen Hammock

3.  The Ulster Plantation: 1556-1640 by Timothy E. Miller

The Ulster Plantation: 1556-1640

by Timothy E Miller

4.  The fatal ingredient of the covenant: the place of the Ulster Scottish community during the 1640's (Reshaping Ireland. 1550-1700 Colonization and its consequences. ed. Brian Mac Cuarta) by Kevin Forkan

'The fatal ingredient of the covenant': the place of the Ulster Scottish community during the 1640s (Reshaping Ireland, 1550–1700 Colonization and its consequences, ed. Brian Mac Cuarta)

by Kevin Forkan

Rocks and Clouds

Alexander Henderson 1638

(speaking about the swearing of the National Covenant in 1638).

“this was the day of the Lord’s power, wherein we saw his people most willingly offer themselves in multitudes, like the dew drops of the morning— this was indeed the great day of Israel, wherein the arm of the Lord was revealed – the day of the Redeemer’s strength, on which the princes of the people assembled to swear their allegiance to the King of kings.”

The scenic Dean Village in a sunny afternoon, in Edinburgh, Scotland..jpg