Arts & Music Awards

 Scholarship Awards        






































































The St. Paul Travelers/Christian A. Garin Youth Award        

Established through the receipt of matching funds from an employer, this award honors any individual or group who possess talent in the Scottish arts of music or dance and is presented to further this talent.  It is awarded in the form of a certificate signed by the donor and the Society President.  It includes a monetary award in the amount up to $1000 with the final award amount determined by the donor.        


Shadle Park High School Pipe Band        


Shadle Park High School Pipe Band        


Chelsea House Orchestra        


The Estil H. Oliver Memorial Youth Scholarship        

(No Longer Active)        


CRAIG    Jacob S., IV    Piper


VENABLE    Laura    Highland Dancer

Claude A. Henderson Memorial Awards

Fellow Of The Society

The Claude A. Henderson Fellowship is an endowment program for those individuals desiring to donate the sum of $1000.00 or more, for the purpose of sustaining a scholarship program. The contributor is recognized as a Claude A. Henderson Fellow. The contributor receives a certificate and appropriate device.