Audrey Trawick


Good afternoon Scholarship committee & supporting Clan & Society members, 


I wanted to take a minute and update everyone on my success from the Citrus Classic Competition in Jacksonville FL this past weekend. 


I am extremely happy to report that I placed 7th in my Solo Choreography for the Intermediate and Premier ages 19 and over. It was my very first ever Solo Choreography and against some really tough competitors and I had so much fun performing.


The competition for the Highland steps was absolutely fierce! Although I did not place, it was a fantastic experience to be in the same age category with a several time World Champion Berret Durnbach and multiple seasoned Champions from around the US regions. 


I am excited to report that I did place in my National Dances taking a 5th overall in Premiere 18-19. I placed 7th in my Lilt, 7th in my Flora, and 2nd in my Village Maid. Again, it was amazing to be competing with some of the top competitors from around the US in my age bracket and it continues to challenge me to improve as well as push myself to be confident on stage. 


Berret was amazing as always to watch and learn from. She is always so beautiful, graceful, strong, and poised in all her dances; a true example of skill, talent, passion, and kindness toward others around her. I just love getting to know her and the other dancers at competitions, and hanging out and laughing together. It was a wonderful competition overall.


Attached are my highlighted dances and photos of the competition, feel free to watch and enjoy with others at your leisure. I look forward to my next update with you.



Audrey Trawick, TBHD

Beret Derenbach.jpg

World Champion
Berret Durnbach