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Second Annual Clan Henderson Christmas Card Design!

Clan Henderson Society Members,

I would like to invite the Children and Grandchildren of Clan Henderson Members to create a Christmas Card!  The cards will be printed and made available for Society Members.  The card should be designed with a Clan Henderson / Scottish theme.  This is a good way to encourage young members to learn their Scottish heritage and to become engaged in our Society.  It is also a good way to bring awareness of our Society to your family and friends.  The proceeds will go to support the Chan Henderson Society Scholarship Program.

Important dates:

Submit entries by September 1, 2022.

Christmas Cards will be available for purchase on the Clan Henderson Society website, October 16, 2022.

Shipping of Christmas Cards will begin November 21.


Information to provide with the submission:

Name of the Artist

Age of the Artist

Region of the Artist

Picture of the Artist

Brief description of the artist


Submit the design to:

Louis Russell:  and

Mary Lane Henderson:

These Christmas cards are available now!  Just click on the ones you want.