Types of Scholarships

Academic Scholarship(s).  

The amount of the award will be deterimined annually by the Executive Committee, based on budget funding..  Historically, this has been a $1000 award. The applicant must have a 3.0 GPA or greater for last year of study (College Freshman: use HS grades).  High School applicants must have a B average or greater.  The application must include a photocopy or PDF to verify academic performance. Scholarship award is not limited to a particular field of study but a preference will be given to academic endeavors that reflect the goals of the Society.

Celtic Arts and Music.  An applicant must have an interest in pursuing studies in Celtic Arts.  The scholarship should assist the applicant in learning Highland Dancing, Bag Pipes, drum, harp, and fiddle.  Any related activity will be considered.  The amount of the award will be deterimined annually by the Executive Committee, based on budget funding..  Historically, this has been a $300 award

Performing Group Donation(s).  This is a financial award and is given to Celtic music performing groups such as pipe and drum bands, choral groups, etc. Recipient groups will be identified as containing members of Clan Henderson Society.  Applications must include detailed information about the group, including its genre of music, number in the group, where the group performs, any charitable groups they support and the overall age of the group.   The amount of the award will be deterimined annually by the Executive Committee, based on budget funding..  Historically, this has been a $500 award.

Template for Scholarship Application



  • Name:

  • Mailing address:

  • Email address:

  • Age on Dec 31, 2020 (must be under 26):

  • Do you or a member of your family belong to the Clan Henderson Society? If yes, what is their name and CHS member #.  This will not influence the award.  It is needed for administrative purposes.

  • Type of Scholarship applying for (choose one–description below):

Academic Scholarship 

Celtic Arts and Music 

  • Describe who is providing the instruction, what is being purchased or where the competition will take place.

  • In one or two paragraphs, describe why this scholarship is important for you. Include what you think it will allow you to do that might not be possible otherwise (attach as a statement).

  • Affirm that you have read the goals of the Clan Henderson Society (found at clanhendersonsociety.org and agree with them.

IMPORTANT:  Please include a picture of the applicant.


  • Applicants may apply for a scholarship Jan. 1st-May 31 each calendar year.

  • Applications must be endorsed by the Regional Commissioner by June 15.  The RC forwards the award to the Vice President of the Members Scholarship Committee by July1. Mark Henderson will forward these to the treasurer by August 15.  Checks will be written by Aug. 31.

  • Applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee in July 1 through Aug 15.  

  • Make two (2) copies.  Sent one to the RC      for endorsement.  Send one to: Mark Henderson, 204 Beagle Gap, Waynesboro, Va. 22980, hendo28@comcast.net, 540-221-4642

  •   Note: the Scholarship committee will not act until the RC endorsement has been received.

  • You do not have to be a CHS member to apply for a scholarship.

Youth Scholarship Award

Chairperson:MaryLane Henderson


Requested by the individual youth (under the age of 26) for recognition of specific talents in the fields of music, dance, culture. literature, history, academics or athletics (as supported by the Society's goals), this award is a certificate of recognition signed by the Society President and accompanied by a check for a specified amount that is determined by the Executive Board.


HENDERSON Gavin                                          Academics

HENDERSON James Edward Wallace            Drumming

HENDERSON Meagan                                      Scottish Highland Dance

LEE`Anthony                                                    Bag Piping

RYAN Gabrielle                                                Celtic Arts


CHATFIELD Susan                                           Academics

DECHENT David                                               Academics

FITE Evelyn                                                      Highland Dance

LEE Anthony                                                     Bag Piping

MARTIN Kendall                                               Highland Dance

MILNER Erica                                                   Highland Dance

RYAN Gabrielle                                                Academics

SOUTH Alexander                                           Scottish Country Dance

SOUTH Ginger-Gabrielle                                Scottish Country Dance


There were no applications submitted for 2014 Youth Scholarships


HENDERSON Katrina                                       Scottish Country Dancer

KILAN Zoe                                                         Athletics

MILNER Erica                                                   Highland Dance

MOORE Abigail                                                 Dancer, Royal Scottish                                                                                                             Dance Society

SOUTH Ginger                                                  Dancer, Royal Scottish                                                                                                             Dance Society


CHATFIELD Colin                                             Member Clan Henderson                                                                                                        Society Bodyguard

MILNER Erica                                                   Highland Dancer


MILNER Erica                                                   Highland Dancer


MILNER Erica                                                   Highland Dancer


HENDERSON Elisabeth                                   Flutist

MILNER Erica                                                   Dancer

VENABLE Laura                                               Dancer


CRAIG Jacob                                                     Piper

CRAIG Joshua                                                  Celloist and Piper

MILNER Erica                                                  Highland Dancer

VENABLE Laura                                              Highland dancer


HENDERSON David                                         Highland Dancer

HENDERSON Katrina                                      Highland Dancer

HENDERSON Yvonne                                      Highland Dancer

MILNER Erica                                                  Highland Dancer

VENABLE Laura                                              Highland Dancer


CRAIGJessica                                                   Fiddler

CRAIGJessica                                                   Fiddler

HENDERSONElisabeth                                    Flutist

MILNERErica                                                    Highland Dancer

SHARPEAlexander                                          Piper

SHARPEWilliam Henderson                          Fiddler, Piper

VENABLELaura                                               Highland Dancer


BRNICEVICAurora                                           Piper

BRNICEVICLily                                                Drummer

SHARPEAlexander                                         Piper

SHARPEWilliam                                             Piper, Fiddler

VENABLELaura                                              Highland Dancer


CRAIGJessica Sarai                                        Fiddler

CRAIGJoshua Scott                                         Piper

DONOVANCaitlin                                             Piper

HENDERSONElisabeth                                   Scottish Arts, Flutist

HENDERSONKathryn                                     Flutist, Cellist

VENABLELaura                                               Highland Dancer                 


CRAIGJessica Sarai                                        Musician

CRAIGJacob S., IV                                            Piper


CRAIGJacob                                                     Piper

DONOVANCaitlin                                             Piper

DONOVANErin                                                Fiddler

DONOVANShannon                                        Flutist

HENDERSONCatherine                                  Flutist, Country Dancer

HICKSGregory                                                 Piper, County and                                                                                                                   Highland Dancer


CARTERChelsea                                             Highland Dancer

CRAIGJacob                                                    Piper

HICKSGregory                                                Piper and Highland Dancer

VENABLELaura                                              Highland Dancer



There were no applications received


BALLERWilliam C.                                           Piper

CARTERChelsea                                              Dancer

HENDERSONSarah                                         Dancer

HICKSGregory                                                Piper and Highland                                                                                                                   Dancer


BRETTLeslie                                                    Highland Dancer

CARTERChelsea                                              Highland Dancer

HESTONPatrick Ala                                        Piper

HICKSGregory                                                 Piper Highland Dancer


HESTONPatrick                                               Piper

KEIFERMatthew                                              Piper


MILESSharon                                                   Highland Dancer


MILESKimberley                                              Highland Dancer


KEIFERMatthew                                               Piper

WEYMOUTHSharon                                         Highland Dancer


KEIFERMatthew                                               Piper

The St. Paul Travelers/Christian A. Garin Youth Award

Established through the receipt of matching funds from an employer, this award honors any individual or group who possess talent in the Scottish arts of music or dance and is presented to further this talent. It is awarded in the form of a certificate signed by the donor and the Society President. It includes a monetary award in the amount up to $1000 with the final award amount determined by the donor.


Shadle Park High School Pipe Band


Shadle Park High School Pipe Band


Chelsea House Orchestra

The Estil H. Oliver Memorial Youth Scholarship

(No Longer Active)


CRAIGJacob S., IVPiper


VENABLELauraHighland Dancer