Responses to our Scholarships

Erica Milner 2020

Dear Clan Henderson,

     I would like to take the time to express my appreciation for the reward of the academic scholarship.  that scholarship will be used to further my education and fulfill my dream of becoming a health care professional.  I will take my MCAT exam in January and apply to medical school shortly after.  These funds mean a lot to me and are greatly appreciated.  Thank you all ver much.


                          Erica Milner

Beret Dernbach, 2020

Jul 15, 2020

Dear Mark,

     This is Allison (Hendry) Dernbach - Beret's Mum.....I would like to thank you personally for the generous scholarship Clan Henderson has awarded Beret again this year!!

     As the person responsible for the costs of her dancing endeavors, I would like to let you and everyone in the clan know how much this gift is appreciated by myself, as well as Beret!!!

     I have been encouraging Beret more and more in the past couple of years to take over increasing responsibility in her applications for scholarships, and it has served her greatly in this past year with her college applications!  With family, however, I would also like to say how much this means to me personally!

     We are looking forward to the next competition that will actually be held, and Beret will be there, no matter where it happens!  Highland dancing is such a huge focus of Beret's life, and therefore my own too!  She is looking to win another world championship, and has not let up one bit on her daily commitment at home, despite there currently being no venue for her to feel rewarded by the hard daily work.....I am impressed at her dedication, and think she is going to be in a great place to accomplish her future goals, as there are probably very few dancers who have not taken this opportunity to slack off a bit - Beret is definitely not one of them! 

     I hope all of you in the clan are staying healthy, strong, and sane!!  It's a difficult time, but this too shall pass, and we will be together again, appreciating our kin all the more for the time we have had to be separated!

All the Best to You, Yours, and Ours!

The Scottish-American Cultural Society of Ohio, Inc.

Sep 12, 2019

Dear Clan Henderson:

Thanks to you once again!! Your yearly, generous donation to the Ohio Scottish Arts School is much appreciated.  The Board of Trustees of the Scottish American Cultural Society of Ohio is grateful for this thoughtful gift.

We havd a very successful, happy year with 156 students attending from the US, Canada and Scotland.  Our instructors also same from the US, Canada and Scotland!  The evaluations this year were very positive and recognized the family atmosphere as well as the fun, relaxed environment that encourages learning.

It was an honor to have Doug Henderson present the Clan Henderson donation at the instructor concert.  Introducing Doug was a great opportunity to let the students instructors and staff know of the support that your organization has provided us over the years.  Doug had an opportunity to meet students with Henderson lineage and hear thanks from students!

As we enter our 42nd year in 2020 we are undertaking a move to a new venue!  Baldwin College University in Berea, Ohio will host our School.  This move is positive and will offer great spaces for classes, lovely green spaces for outdoor activities and air conditioned dorms.  The students have been very excited to hear about the air conditions!!

We will continue to offer classes in Highland dance, piping and drumming, fiddling and harping.  We also hope to increase offerings in other Scottish Arts once we have survived the first year in a new venue.  Our week will continue to offer our instructor concert, our student talent show, karaoke and dancing and our newest addition, the ceilidh dance.  Having fun while learning is an important part of the Ohio Scottish Arts School.

Support from Clan Henderson allows us to continue to offer quality instruction in the Scottish Arts, while keeping costs reasonable for the students.  Our goals are the same---continuing the Arts and traditions of Scotland!  We intend to keep the magic that is the Ohio Scottish Arts School going and growing !!

Sincere thanks for your continued support!


Debbie Doty, President/Director

Ohio Scottish Arts School

One of our scholarship recipients.  Quite a young lady.

Dear Clan Members and Scholarship Committees,


Greetings to everyone, I hope you are finding yourselves and all your members healthy and well. With so much uncertainty in the world right now regarding COVID-19 it is easy to feel unsettled. And with so many of our community events being canceled it can feel very discouraging at this time.


However, I hope to brighten you day a bit. I wanted to tell you about my community and some of the things we are doing to stay proactive. I belong to a dance company out of Clearwater Florida, we are the Tampa Bay Highland Dancers. And my teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Constanine has moved our classes online for now.  


It is very exciting that she has found a way to keep us dancing through all these uncharted waters. I have even taken it a few steps further by reaching out to friends that I have made around the globe in places like Spokane WA, Eastern Canada, Scotland, and Dunedin Florida; to see if there is anyone in need of an online practice buddy. 


It can be very hard for parents to motivate their kids to practice and I thought I might put a shout-out on FB to see if there is anyone in need of a dance friend to socialize with, exercise with, practice dancing, or for my older peers; perhaps study for any upcoming highland dance exams they are planning to take in the future.


I know this isn't ideally what anyone had in mind for the 2020 Scottish highland dance season, but I hope it helps to keep people practicing, encourages socialization both inside and outside of our normal communities, and helps give people something to look forward to when we can continue with our scheduled events as normal.


I hope this message finds you all in good health. I am praying that our Nation can resolve this issue quickly and that we can all help support each other through these difficult times. I want you all to know that my goals are still the same, they have not changed and I will continue to work toward them even if that means through online instruction with my team of teachers during this time of social distancing.


I want to thank you all for your support and I will continue to update you on my progress. Stay safe and please continue to practice your social distancing skills.



Audrey Trawick

P.s. In the mean time please enjoy some of the artwork that I have been working on when I'm not busy dancing.