Corporate Resolution No. 2020 - ____


Corporate Resolution by the Executive Board of

the Clan Henderson Society, Inc.


WHEREAS it is incumbent upon the Executive Committee to establish a robust, proactive, and inclusive program to reward performance and contributions that are in keeping with the objectives and purposes of the Society, as outlined in Article III of the By-Laws; and


WHEREAS it is an essential feature of the Society, as a not for profit organization and that education, history, heritage, and culture are important focuses for the youth of our nation, a robust, inclusive and proactive program of awarding scholarships is necessary,


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Executive Board of the Clan Henderson Society, Inc., that a comprehensive and well-funded program for awarding recognition of scholarship awards is an integral purpose of  the Society is hereby created and that this program shall be referred to as the Scholarships Program Policy as follows:




Goal of the Scholarship Program:  The goal of the program is to provide financial assistance for individual academics, and individuals and groups involved in Scottish or Celtic related programs including music, dancing, literature, athletics, academics, culture, heritage, and history.


Committee.  There is established the Society Scholarship Committee for the purposes of reviewing and evaluating applications for scholarships and making recommendations of recipients for scholarships.  The President shall appoint no less than three Society members to the committee, one of whom will be appointed committee chair by the President.  The committee shall not include any elected officers of the Society.  The appointments to the committee will be for a period of two years concurrent with the President’s term of office.

Application:  An application for a scholarship may be submitted by anyone, not just members of the Society.  All applications shall be reviewed by the appropriate Regional Commissioner and submitted to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee, along with a recommendation.  There is no limit on the number of years an application may be submitted, even if a scholarship has been previously awarded or rejected.

 Scholarship Amounts:  The annual budget will establish a dollar ceiling for the total amount of scholarship money to be distributed. Traditionally, academic scholarships have been awarded in the amount of $1,000 for academics, $500 for grants and $300 for performing arts and music.  However, consistent with the budgeted amount of annual dollars available, the Scholarship Committee may make recommendations as to the amount to be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Category of Scholarship: Academic:  The applicant must have a 3.0 GPA or greater on a 4.0 scale for the previous year of study (College Freshman: use HS grades).  High School applicants must have a B average or greater.   Applicants cannot exceed 26 years of age, as of August 31st of the year the scholarship is awarded.  Preference will be given to those person studying Scottish and Celtic humanities, including, but not limited to, language, literature, history, sociology, anthropology, geography, government, and politics, and pure and applied sciences as particularly applicable to Scottish and Celtic peoples and regions, and any other academic areas of study relevant to Scottish and Celtic peoples and regions, especially members of Clan Henderson.

Category of Scholarship: Scottish and Celtic Arts and Music.  An applicant must have an interest in pursuing studies in Scottish and Celtic Arts or Music.  The scholarship should assist the applicant in studying and learning Scottish Country Dancing, Bagpipes, Scottish and Celtic Art or design, and any other Scottish and Celtic arts and music work acceptable to the Society.  There are no age restrictions for applicants.

Category of Scholarship: A Performing Group Grant.  A financial grant may be given to Scottish and Celtic performing groups such as pipe and drum bands, choral groups, dance troupes, etc. Recipient groups containing members of Clan Henderson Society will be given priority over groups that have generic membership.

Recommendations and Notifications of Awards:  The Scholarship Committee shall review and evaluate the scholarship applications and recommendations in considering and making its recommendation to the President.  The Committee Chairperson will provide a listing to the President and the Executive Board of recommendations for Scholarship awards, including the address of the individual, the recommended amount of the scholarship and the category of award. The President will approve the scholarships and the Treasurer will be provided a letter of notification for each awardee, signed by the President, the Vice President for Members, and the Scholarship Committee Chair.  The Treasurer will forward the notification letters along with a check, written to the individual.

Timing:  Scholarships are to be awarded once annually.  Applications for scholarships may be submitted at any time but an annual cutoff will occur on April 1.  The committee will review all scholarships with announcements being made in May annually to facilitate announcement in the September issue of An Canach, as well as distribution of checks to coincide with traditional academic schedules.

Disapproved applications: Applicants whose applications have not been approved for a scholarship will be notified in writing by the Scholarship Committee Chair through the appropriate Regional Commissioner.

Record Keeping: The Historian will maintain a master list of all scholarship recipients, by year.  The Historian will submit this list for the record at every AGM.






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