Emeritus Honors

Corporate Resolution No. 2020 - ____


Corporate Resolution by the Executive Board of

the Clan Henderson Society, Inc.



WHEREAS the Executive Board wishes to recognize individuals who have held positions of great responsibility, while making significant contributions and have made a decision to retire from that position and


WHEREAS these individuals possess a significant amount of institutional knowledge and can continue to make contributions as advisors and counselors to the Executive Board; and


WHEREAS the High Commissioner of North America and Chieftain has historically exercised the honor of naming Society members as Commissioner Emeritus,


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Executive Board of the Clan Henderson Society, Inc., that individuals may be granted “Emeritus” status in certain offices of the Society and the policy for this practice shall be referred to as the Society Counselor Emeritus Honors Policy and shall be as follows:





Overview.  When elected, commissioned, or appointed officers retire they retain significant institutional insight and knowledge. Although the individual has expressed a desire to “wind down” from responsibilities within the Society, their knowledge, background, and perspective can continue to be of great benefit to the Society.


Eligibility.  Elected, Commissioned, and Appointed Officers


Tenure.  Society Counselor Emeritus Honors status is designated for life, provided the member remains in active status within the Society


Title and Responsibilities.  When a member is granted Society Counselor Emeritus Honors by the President, the member will have the title of “Society Counselor Emeritus”.  The member may sit with the Executive Board but is not required to do so.  With respect to the Executive Board, the Society Counselor Emeritus position is advisory only in nature and does not grant the member voting privileges nor shall the member be counted for quorum purposes.  A Society Counselor Emeritus member who is appointed to a Society committee may vote in that committee and be counted as part of the quorum of that committee just as any other Society member would be allowed.




Historical Emeritus Honors:


1998: BG (ret.) Jeff S. Henderson II, Commissioner*, Emeritus

1998: George C. Henderson, Commissioner*, Emeritus

1998: Robert H. Henderson, Commissioner*, Emeritus

1998: COL (ret.) Russell L. Henderson, Commissioner*, Emeritus

1998: Thomas P. Henderson, Commissioner*, Emeritus

1998: CDR (ret.) Rex Maddox, Commissioner*, Emeritus

2003: CDR (ret.) Rex Maddox, President, Emeritus

2004: Billy J. Henderson, Commissioner, Emeritus

2009: Harry Keifer, Commissioner*, Emeritus

2020: Douglas W. Henderson, Society Counselor, Emeritus

2020: Joseph Henderson, Society Counselor, Emeritus


*   The title “Commissioner” is no longer used by the Society


Restrictions.  Once Emeritus Honors are bestowed, an individual may not run for office nor serve as an active, voting member of the Executive Board.


Record Keeping: The Historian will maintain a master list of all Emeritus Honorees, by year.  The historian will submit this list for the record at every AGM.



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