Proposed Badges and Symbols

Corporate Resolution No. 2020 - ____


Corporate Resolution by the Executive Board of

the Clan Henderson Society, Inc.



WHEREAS the Executive Board wishes to codify badges of Office for the recognition of individuals holding key positions of authority in the Society, and


WHEREAS the Executive Board wishes to provide recognition to the members of the Society for their loyalty, faithful membership, and continuous support as active members of the Clan and the Society,


NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Executive Board of the Clan Henderson Society, Inc., that the criteria and description of symbols of office and recognition for faithful membership and support by active members of the Society shall be referred to as the Badges and Symbols of Office and Continuous Membership Policy and shall be as follows:

















Elected Officer Badge of Office.  The Society President, the Society Vice President for Operations, the Society Vice President and General Counsel, the Society Vice President for Members, the Society Vice President for Genealogy, the Society Secretary, and the Society Treasurer are authorized to wear a pewter badge, 3” in diameter, in the shape of the Clan Badge and suspended from a plain blue ribbon, worn around the neck.  A pewter device will hang below the badge indicating “President”, “Vice President”, “Treasurer”, or “Secretary”, as applicable.


Distinctive Headgear and Bonnet Symbols

Certain leadership and honorary positions within the Society are authorized to wear distinctive ornamentation on their headgear or boinnet, as a way honoring their roles.  Specifically, a  3” or 5” hackle is authorized and the colors used shall mimic the colors in the Henderson Tartan:  yellow, green, white, blue and black. The colors established are as follows:


                Elected            Commissioned          Emeritus         Bodyguard     Widow/widower


Yellow: Elected Officers

Green: Commissioned Officers

White: Counselor Emeritus of the Society and Past Presidents

Blue: Bodyguard members

Black: Widows/widowers of esteemed members of the Society


Member Recognition Pin.  As appreciation for years of loyalty, faithful membership, and continuous support to the Clan and the Society and upon payment of five (5), Fifteen (15) and twenty-five (25) years of dues, the Vice President for Members will provide a qualifying member a lapel pin as recognition.  In appearance, the five-year pin will be bronze, the 15 year pin will be silver, and the 25 year pin will be gold.  Each issue of An Canach will announce members who have received this recognition since the publication of the previous issue of An Canach.






Record Keeping: The Historian will maintain a master list of all award recipients by year.  The Historian will submit this list for the record at every annual general meeting. Any additions to awards voted on at the annual general meeting will also be made a matter of record.



DATED AND EXECUTED in the State of ________________________, on the _________ of _______________, 20__.


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