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Phoenix Highland Games was a Great Success

We won the best tent!!!!

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4th Annual

Save the Date!
August 19, 2023



On behalf of the Flagstaff Scottish Club, we would like to thank everyone for being part of our event. We deeply appreciate you braving the heat & continuing to join us on our fun-filled day! 

It is because of our amazing community of people that our events become so successful. Everyone's enthusiasm makes for a memorable part of GOTCHF. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. 


We look forward to seeing you all in the future, whether it’s back at one of our events or otherwise.

Our 5th Annual GOTCHF will be August 19, 2023.


To our winners from Saturday: 

50/50 Winner with a take-home prize of $1491: Shandelle Hagen (ticket 301260)
Smoker Raffle Winner: John Lougheed (ticket 233)
Cooler Raffle Winner: Jesse Langton (ticket 462) 


The Gathering of the Clans Highland Festival (GOTCHF, pronounced like 'gotcha' but with an 'F' sound added on at the end) is a public event hosted in Sedgewick, Alberta. 

It's a day full of highland festivities, such as Heavy Events, highland dancing, a petting zoo, artisan and food vendors, and more. The day concludes with a pig-roast supper and a Ceilidh (dance) (pronounced kay-lee) performed by the band Cabot's Crossing. 

In 2022, we had around 800 people in attendance, along with 1 Clan Tent, 6 Demonstrators, 9 Alcohol Vendors, 7 Food Vendor/Trucks, 15 Forms of Entertainment, 31 Tents in the Vendor Village, and more. 

For photos from this year's event, be sure to contact Celina at

The Flagstaff Scottish Club is located within 

Flagstaff County, Alberta.

We are proud of our Scottish heritage and aim to keep our culture thriving across the world. 

We welcome any and all citizens of our community to our events, regardless of their heritage. 



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