Order of MacEanruig

As wildly unbelievable as this may sound...the vote on what to call  the new MacEanruig  award was almost too close to call. 


However, the votes have been counted and out of 7 people eligible to vote, "Order of MacEanruig" won over "MacEanruig League" by a count of 12-2 with some 444 votes still being counted and 5 in court.


Medals will be distributed to all Chief's Prize winners (1992-present) once the Executive Committee formally ratifies the Resolutions approved at the AGM.  This should be in the next few weeks, 


There are an additional 12 candidates pending consideration   As per the resolution, Order of MacEanruig members may not exceed 37 active members in 2020


This is what the badge looks like.  Sequential number will start with the 1992 Chief's prize awardee (#002--Janeil Henderson) and move forward from there.  FYI: (#001) is being held in abeyance, should the Order ever decide to vote the Chief in.

Order of the Chief with distinction2020

Awarded to active Society members who hold the Order of the chief and who have continued to serve the Society in a superior manner.

LaRhee Henderson

Mark Henderson

Mary Lane Henderson

Ron Henderson

Vince Henderson

Sarah Hobday

Charm Russell

Bryan Simpson

Tom Hendricks

 Order of the Chief with Distinction 2019:

Tom Hendricks Far South Region



Order of the Chief 2020:Awarded to individuals who through their actions have improved the Society and/or brought credit to the Society and/or have consistently embraced the goals of the society. 

Nels Henderson

Meri Lawler

Louis Russell

Mary Henderson

Laurel Smith

Laura German

Dale German 

Order of the Chief 2019:

Laurel Smith NE Region

Jim Smith NE Region

Laura German Far South Region

25-year Recognition Pins 2019:

Linda MacDonald Great Lakes Region

Morrison Webb NE Region

Homer J. Henderson North Pacific Region

Mary Anice Roe North Pacific Region

Delores Mariea  SE Region

Shirley Sue Stiffler South Pacific Region

Janet Parsons Mid South Region

15- Year Recognition Pins

Donna Lynn Henderson Hoy Central Region

Marian Henderson Mid East Region

Timothy A. Henderson Mid East Region

Annetie Stokes Mid South Region

James C. Henderson NE Region

Elizabeth Sheiman North Pacific Region

Cynthia Henderson Ernst SE Region

Pamela Ashley SE Region

David Scott Henderson SE Region

5-year Recognition Pins

Susan Miller, Central Region

Carolyn Henderson Powers Mid East Region

Donna J. Begley Great Lakes Region

Elise Clonts Mid East Region

Pamela Vick Mid East Region

LTC Henderson Mid South Region

Candee Minchin SE Region

William Edd Richburg SE Region

Deb Henderson Sierra SE Region


CHS green:yellow award.jpg
CHS green award.jpg


25 Years Membership

Doris R. Henderson  of Tallahassee, Fl

Lea Henderson Worcester of Nampa, Idaho

15 year Membership

chief award 2020.jpg

Ellen M. Bentley of Prosser, Wa.

Beth Henderson Downey of Ocean Springs, Mi.

Judith Y. Freeman of Lee's Summit, Mo.

Maureen Henderson Gault of Valdosta, Ga.

5 year Membership 

Marcia Austreng of East Lansing, Mi.

Eugene R. Foster , Jr. of West Simsbury, Co.

Chris Henderson of Iron Station, N.C.

J. Luther Jones, III of Sylva, N.C.

Allen A. Pippin, Jr. of Cary, N.C.

Kate Pippin of Cary, N.C.

Charles Taylor of Portland Or.