Ernesto Henderson, Rios Province, Argentina

Ernesto Henderson was my grandfather. He was born in Colonia Santa Anita, Entre Ríos, Argentina on 3/26/1920. His father was born somewhere in Uruguay, and at the age of 1 year he was transferred to the province of Entre Ríos. His family came by boat from Glasgow in the late 19th century to the city of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. He grew up in the field, and married my grandmother Ethel Elvira Gastiasoro, and they had 2 children, my father Gustavo Ernesto Henderson and my uncle Tomás Sebastian Henderson.

Then they moved to the city of San Salvador, in the same province, where my grandmother worked in a school, since she was the Director there. And my grandfather worked in a company that planted rice, today called “Marcos Schmukler”, where he worked until he retired. Then he moved to the city of Paraná, capital of the same province, where I was born. There he died on 3/26/2004.

There are stories that he used to tell me that were recorded in my mind. One of theirs was at a family lunch, in which he recounted that his family had lodged a slave who had been escaping from Brazil, where slavery was legal for longer than in Argentina, who said that at night they were attacked by cougars , and that he was a man who swam very fast, who had escaped by swimming across a river.

Ernesto loved the field, and horses, knew how to tame them, and play polo; He knew a lot about rural jobs. He liked football. He had great wisdom, since he was a man of very few words, but always very affective and when he spoke he left a teaching.