Henderson History Project

This project is designed to collect the informal stories of families for posterity. I have created the attached form for this purpose. I believe it is self-explanatory, but I’ll provide a brief description below. I am also looking for others to assist in the project, but at this point it is just me. Hopefully the response will be sufficient to warrant creation of an online storage capability and a hard copy version to be stored in the Odom Genealogical Library along with other historical Henderson records.


Open the attachment, place your cursor in a box to the right of the box title, and start typing.

Subject box is for the principal character of the story

Dates of the story can be a specific date of the story, or if you are describing a series of events you may want to enter dates that bracket the event or events. If you are providing a summary of person’s life you may want to enter birth and death dates.

Subject Location(s): there may be several locations mentioned in the narrative. Listing these here may assist in future search efforts.

Genealogy Record (Y/N) is to indicate whether or not the person(s) being described can be or has been found in the genealogy record (Ancestry.com, etc.)

Your name and contact information is basically designed to help future researchers to know a little more about the person submitting the information.

Pick “Save As” from the “File” option above, and save it to your hard drive. You may include photos with your story as a separate attachment.


Fill out the information and send it to me as an attachment. I’ll enter a reference number for future references to the data, and return it to you. If you have additional information about the person or event, include this reference number.




Leon Hicks, President