Christmas Card Contest.  Must be submitted by September 1 


Clan Henderson Society Members,

I would like to invite the Children and Grandchildren of Clan Henderson Members to create a Christmas Card!  The cards will be printed and made available for Society Members.  The card should be designed with a Clan Henderson/Scottish theme.  This is a good way to encourage young members to learn their Scottish heritage and to become engaged in our Society.  It is also a good way to bring awareness of our Society to your family and friends.  The proceeds will go to support the Clan Henderson Society Scholarship Program.

Important Dates:

Submit entries by Sept. 1, 2021

Selection complete by October 1, 2021

Design and advertise cards, October 16, 2021

Accept pre-orders between October 16, and November 13, 2021

Print cards by November 20

Ship pre-orders, November 21, 2021

Information to provide with the submission:

Name of Artist

Age of Artist

Region of Artist

Picture of Artist

Brief description of the Artist

Submit the design to:

Louis Russell: and

Mary Lane Henderson:

Your cousin,

Louis Russell