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One thing that Clan Henderson has always done is support everyone who attends the Scottish events in the USA to find their clan and they have always supported me in getting the information I needed to produce my recent book which, in turn, supports those who are pressing forward to help people find their Scottish connections.


I know you're looking forward to stepping down and having a life after Clan Henderson but before you do that I would like your help in providing to the new president and to you society the following:


I’m writing to thank Clan Henderson for its participation in helping me gather, for publication under one cover, family names associated with Scottish clans, houses, and families.  I’m also asking one last favor in this endeavor and that is making this note available to your membership in your next newsletter.


As the President of COSCA (2000 – 2008) I undertook publishing the first edition of the book titled, “Scottish Clans and Their Associated Families,” completed in 2004. Since then, many organizations have delved deeper into their history and updated the names associated with their lands, to include spelling variations, which the second edition now incorporates. To further aid you when helping individuals seek their Scottish connection, I provide an extensive list of source information to be shared with them.


The consolidation of family names may be found under the title “Scottish Clans and Their Associated Families” and is available through the Archway Publishing Bookstore. 



I’m proud to say that without your support this book wouldn’t have been possible and as such it is now the best available single source focused on identifying family surnames association with every Scottish clan, house, and family.


In addition, we know that more than seventy percent of those with lines connected to Scotland are not associated with a clan, house, or family.  Most of us currently use Dr. Phil Smith’s book, “Tartan For Me,” which lists a name linked to one district tartan leaving us to believe the name is only found in one area of Scotland.  My research finds surnames having up to six district associations. In the late spring of 2023 look for the companion book to “Scottish Clans and Their Associated Families” titled, “Scottish District Families.”  I’ve completed my research of available census, church and parish records and have consolidated those surnames, not associated with clans, and is ready for publication.  


If you purchase either of these books, please reach out to me at for any additions, corrections, or updates found since their publication.


Yours Aye,




Robert (Bob) Heston

(703) 447-7554

summa vi vehere, celeritate vehere, procul vehere

Response from Leon:

Leon Hicks

Nov 6, 2022, 3:18 PM (17 hours ago)

to Dave, David, LaRhee, Jim, Louis, me, Mark, Suzanne, Beth, Robert, Bob


It is great to hear from you, and the information you have provided I think will be of great interest too many in our society. I have forwarded it on to many of the clan leadership. With regards to COSCA, I confess that we have not been as supportive as we were when Pat Maddox was an imminent figure in our society. We all remember the days when she would lug several suitcases full of books to the various Scottish events. Mark and I have had discussions on our support for that organization, and we are of the opinion that we should re-engage. To be honest, it simply fell through the cracks as we begin pursuing so many other projects during the last 4 years. I'm sure that my successor, Louis Russell will be more than supportive as well.

I certainly will support the idea of an article in the An Canach presenting the information you have provided, and your expression of application of the role CHS has played in assisting you with this project. You are to be highly congratulated for your efforts and diligence in pulling all of this information together. It must have been a huge task!

I have forwarded this email to the Society's leadership, as well as key members of the Genealogy/DNA team. 

I am sure they will be very interested in this project.

Also, if you would like to write a article about this project for the newsletter I will be happy forward it to our editor. She is currently putting on the final touches for this edition, but I'm sure we can have it inserted into the following edition. This edition will come out in early spring.

Thanks again and congratulations for your efforts.



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