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Great Deal

 CHS members know that we pay $20.00 per year to be current in our membership dues.  Beginning immediately, 50 CHS members - either new to the society or long-time members of our group - will gain a dues enhancement.  Here is what you, as one of those 50 members, should do:  pay two years of dues ($40.00) and a benefactor will add another one year payment ($20.00) to your account with VP-Members Mark Henderson.  That’s right: you pay for two years in one payment to Mark and the benefactor will add another year to your $40.00 payment and you will be paid up for three years (either 2019, 2020 and 2021 or 2020, 2021 and 2022), depending on your current payment status within CHS.
> The benefactor has provided $1,000.00 for use by our VP-Members.  Mark Henderson will do all the paperwork to ensure your membership dues are paid for the three-year-period.  There will be only 50  members who will benefit from this enhancement; so, contact Mark Henderson, VP-Members, with a payment of $40.00 for two years and he will add a third year to your account.
> By taking action now - to be one of the first 50 members - you will benefit from the benefactor’s challenge.  By procrastinating until later - after the first 50 members have made their payments - you will not get that third year benefit. 
> Yours Aye,
> Steve Henderson, VP-Ops of CHS
> 717-404-8014

The Nebraskan Who Rules the Scottish Highland Games

Chuck Kasson has startled more than a few cyclists while practicing the hammer toss near a bike trail in the suburbs of Lincoln, Neb.  He jokes it would be more alarming if he were also wearing a kilt, the standard uniform of the Highland Games, while tossing a round 16 pound weight attached to a long wooden handle.

     The Highland Games are built around classic Scottish Highland sports or "heave events" such as the hammer toss and caber toss.   

     Mr. Kasson, who is 6 foot 4inches and weighs 285 pounds, competed in amateur Storngman competitions in his 20s.  Juse as his Strongman career was ending a friend told him about the Highlander, a competition found in Scotland that mixes Strongman events and Highland Games events.

     The 33 year old turned pro in 2014 and competes in up to 18 events a year.

     He is the reigning Highland Games Heavy Events world champion and will defend his title at the New Hampshire Highland Games &Festival, Sept. 20-22 in Lincoln, N.H.

From the Wall Street Journal, Sept 16, 2019 by Jen Murphy.

Scottish Society of Charleston Upcoming Events

The Charleston Tartan Ball:

Nov ember 1   6:-10 PM .

48th Annual Charleston Scottish Games & Highland Gathering at Boone Hall Plantation:  NOVEMBER  2 . 9-5 PM

Check out your local Scottish Celebrations of St. Andrew's Day