A Tribute to our Fallen Soldiers
by Audry Trawick, a scholarship winner
This is the True Heart of a Henderson!

Veteran Memorial Service
soldier tribute.png

Hello Scholarship community members and organizations, 


My plan originally was to update everyone this month on how my studies are going, and to make another short video on what I'm currently learning, I hope you don't mind but I took some time this week instead to produce a Scottish Tribute to the recent Fallen 13 soldiers in Afghanistan, honoring all those in the Iraq war who also sacrificed their lives as well.  


As a Scottish community members, I can't help but feel the importance of honoring our Veterans, our Soldiers, and the Fallen for their sacrifices and for their service. My grandfather Richard Schaeffer was drafted and served several years in the Untied Stated Army. My great Uncle's in the Navy and Air force. My Uncle Ryan Schaeffer in the US Marine Corps actually served several years in Iraq and in Afghanistan during his service. He was part of the platoon that helped rescue the female soldier that was taken prisoner during the Iraqi war. 


I have a tremendous amount of respect for all those who serve, have served in the past, and will serve in the future. I hope everyone will take some time to view my video with the upmost respect. Feel free to share my video as you like. And although I am not in the military, I hope my video will be perceived with the most honorable of intentions from my Scottish heart.  



Stacey and Audrey Trawick 

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