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My name is Aiden Henderson , I currently live in Murrieta California. Im applying for the the Scottish and Celtic Arts and Music Scholarship . If I receive this scholarship I will use it to pay for my bagpiping lessons to learn and practice the many skills of bagpiping , and to got to the Carlsbad Piping and Drumming camp .

Over the last year I have partaken in Virtual lessons every Wednesday and Virtual band rehearsals every Thursday as much as I could during the uncertainties of the last year. Some of my last performances were For an award presented to Joe Henderson , played with the Chieftains at the San Diego symphony and also on Memorial Day with my mom at Riverside National Cemetery . My mom plays Scottish drums with me in our band with the UCR Riverside college pipe band .

My plans are to continue my lessons and to attend the Carlsbad Piping camp to hone my bagpiping skills to an even greater level and have great experiences along the way . lessons and this camp will help me be a more professional piper and give me skills to compete .

Thank you for this amazing opportunity , the money will be spent wisely on the events and lessons regarding bagpiping .

Sincerely yours,

Aiden Henderson

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Beret Dernbach

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Dear Clan Henderson,

Once again, I would like to thank all of you for supporting Beret in her goals.

This year's academic scholarship of $1000 is SO appreciated, and will certainly help with tuition payments for the coming year! Beret and I are thrilled that she has worked hard enough to have achieved Junior standing, at the age of 18, with at least an "A" in every course at the University of California San Diego, and now only has two more years left before graduating, and beginning Law!...time flies too seems like just the other day that she was preparing for the SATs in high school, and now it is the LSATs that she has begun preparing for!

Resiliency would be the perfect word I could use to describe Beret this past year. It is maybe what I admire most in her. Despite so many disappointments in terms of missing out on graduation, beginning university without being able to physically go there, and so many dancing championships being cancelled during this trying time for all of us, she has managed to focus on what ELSE could be accomplished, and then she just did them ALL!

Thank you to each and every one of you in our clan for supporting her. Beret is sending her own personal thank you and update in the coming weeks, but I wanted to send this along too, as her mum, and a Hendry. We are looking forward to visiting the clan tent as things continue to open up...until then,

Slainte mhath agus tapadh leibh, teaghlach!
(Good health and thank you, family!)...I've been learning Gaidhlig this year!

All the Best you You, Yours, and Ours!

Allison (Hendry) Dernbach 

On Saturday, July 18, 2020, 05:44:29 PM PDT, Mark Henderson <> wrote: 



Thank you, Allison.  The scholarship committee knew Beret is very deserving and was happy to approve her application. 


Please let Beret know we continue to wish her success.  Again, thanks for the nice update.  


Yours aye,



On Wed, Jul 15, 2020, 23:33 Allison Dernbach <> wrote:

Dear Mark,

     This is Allison (Hendry) Dernbach - Beret's Mum.....I would like to thank you personally for the generous scholarship Clan Henderson has awarded Beret again this year!!

     As the person responsible for the costs of her dancing endeavors, I would like to let you and everyone in the clan know how much this gift is appreciated by myself, as well as Beret!!!

     I have been encouraging Beret more and more in the past couple of years to take over increasing responsibility in her applications for scholarships, and it has served her greatly in this past year with her college applications!  With family, however, I would also like to say how much this means to me personally!

     We are looking forward to the next competition that will actually be held, and Beret will be there, no matter where it happens!  Highland dancing is such a huge focus of Beret's life, and therefore my own too!  She is looking to win another world championship, and has not let up one bit on her daily commitment at home, despite there currently being no venue for her to feel rewarded by the hard daily work.....I am impressed at her dedication, and think she is going to be in a great place to accomplish her future goals, as there are probably very few dancers who have not taken this opportunity to slack off a bit - Beret is definitely not one of them!  

     I hope all of you in the clan are staying healthy, strong, and sane!!  It's a difficult time, but this too shall pass, and we will be together again, appreciating our kin all the more for the time we have had to be separated!

All the Best to You, Yours, and Ours!

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Audrey N. Trawick



Hello everyone, 


I just wanted to drop in and give you all a 'Sneak Peek' of the video I put together for Tartan Day coming up on April 6th. 


I felt it was something really important that I needed to do. With everything starting to be cancelled again this year, I really wanted to promote my culture and heritage in celebration of National Tartan Day.


I have such a deep love for my Scottish roots, so grateful for all the education and fun that it has brought into my life. I know without the hardships and trials through our Scottish history that we would not be where we are today. As hard as it has been to not be able to travel and compete, I equally know that it wont be forever. 


I challenge myself to stay positive and think of new ways to help permote our history and culture. I hope you will enjoy and share my video with others.


Youtube Link:


Happy Tartan Day!

Audrey N. Trawick

Bryn Brown

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Hi Mary, Hi Mark!

I am sending this letter that Brynn Brown wrote in hopes if earning a scholarship from Clan Henderson this year. We are in the process of packing up our house. I do not have internet or a printer! We are taking the kids and animals to my parents house to finish out the end of the school year virtually- and until our house is ready to move into. My father's cancer came back and my mom doesn't drive. So, I am hoping to help out driving as the kids offer a wonderful distraction. Please accept this letter until I can scan it properly and mail it off to each of you. 


Michelle Brown